Workshop Wednesday: Opinion Writing

This is the last week for this topic: Getting Workshop Started in the Classroom. Please write about only one workshop in your post so that you can link it up accordingly below! I hope you’ll share any tips, ideas, or lessons that you haven’t shared yet. 🙂

Today, I want to share how I get started with Opinion Writing in my classroom. First, we talk about what an opinion IS, then we make a list of things we can have an opinion ABOUT:

They made all the suggestions, and I wrote them down. I was SO GLAD they said “people,” because it led right into my lesson!

I read Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend (cutest book in the world, and hilarious!) and we talked about how Scaredy Squirrel’s opinion changed in the book. At first, his opinion was that it was better to be alone than to have a friend (because friends would probably be germy biters). Then he decided that a goldfish might be the perfect friend because:

Luckily, he realizes that there CAN be friends that aren’t biters (but still a little germy, and a bit slobbery, too) after he has a run-in with one… I won’t ruin the ending for you, but it is ADORABLE.

Sooooo my students have created a list of things that, in their opinion, make the perfect friend. They will be writing about it, and hopefully taking some of these qualities to heart!! (We’ve had some drama issues in my classroom. Sigh. Yes, already!!)

I hope this gives you another idea to add to your opinion writing toolbox! I know we tend to use a lot of the SAAAAAAAME books, so I’ll be back next week to share another idea for opinion writing with a “new (to me)” book! :o)

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