Tried It Tuesday: New Book!

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Today I’m sharing about a book I tried BLINDLY. Okay, okay, yes, I’ve bought plenty of books because I read a blog post about it and thought I needed it… but you know how Amazon “recommends” books you should get based on searches you’ve made and past purchases? I usually ignore those. Mainly because it creeps me out a little. But let me just admit that it creeps me out because they are usually SPOT ON. They will recommend books sometimes that I already own (which, yeah… the chances are pretty high I own it… I’m a total book hoarder.) or ones that I’ve borrowed from other teachers.

Anywaaaaaaay, Amazon recommended that I buy Snow Day by Lester Laminack as I was buying the book, Snow Globe Family (thanks to my sweet friend AMC for blogging about that one!).

This book is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I am so excited that I didn’t ignore the recommendations this time! First of all, it has great figurative language, including hyperbole, which is sometimes hard to find in books. As for the story- it is told from a first person point of view, and you don’t exactly know who is telling the story. But this person is getting very excited about the possibility of snow the next day, which means potentially, no school! They daydream about all the things they’ll be doing the next day in the snow… except when they wake up in the morning, there’s NO SNOW! (This is something we can relate to really well here in Georgia…) The book has a cute surprise twist- let’s just say, my kids connected this book to First Day Jitters. :o)

We found the figurative language from this book and wrote it in our notebooks…

…then I had the students come up with their own wintry figurative language sentences… but you have to wait to find out about that until tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Workshop Wednesday is back! Sorry for the later-than-normal notice… but let’s share about our fun seasonal writing ideas! I hope you’ll come back and link up! I’ll be sharing about the book, The Snow Globe Family and what we did with our wintry figurative language sentences!

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