Tried It Tuesday: Math Foldables

It’s that time again! Linking up with my sweetest friend, Holly, for another edition of Tried It Tuesday! I can’t wait to see her kiddos’ fables tomorrow for Workshop Wednesday!!

(Tomorrow’s Workshop Wednesday will be sharing how you incorporate figurative language into Writing Workshop!)
I wanted to share how I’ve been using foldables and interactive activities in Math. It was my goal for this school year to make my math mini-lessons more interactive, and foldables are an awesome way to do that! (No kid wants to just sit and do a boring worksheet…) I have tried units from a few sellers, but the one I have found to be most like my teaching style is Blair Turner. We are currently using her Tenths and Hundredths Activities.
I love the way she has these activities set up- they are common-core aligned, aren’t too overwhelming, and are perfect to use while teaching a mini-lesson! I am using these during my decimals unit to show how fractions and decimals are related- I adapted her activities to include writing the problems as fractions and decimals.  
If you are looking for math interactive activities, I would definitely suggest you try Blair Turner’s! :o)

Hope to see you all tomorrow for Workshop Wednesday!! :o)