Tried It Tuesday – Editable TPT Products

Happy Tuesday! I had a few people ask me about how I created my Editable Sub Binder. It was actually the first time I had TRIED to create something like this, so I thought, perfect time to share! Tried It Tuesday! 🙂

I’m also linking up to Erica’s Getting Started on TPT Linky!

**This tutorial is also now listed under my Techy Tips, with some other great tips too! Make sure to go check them out!**

First, create your product that you want to make editable. I use Powerpoint (and I LOVE it!!) to create my products. This tutorial will only really help you if you already know your way around Powerpoint… sorry!!

Once you have your product made, you’ll want to save it as a ppt for later in case you need to edit, but you also need to SAVE AS JPEG.

It will ask you if you want to save only that slide, or all slides. You want to save ALL SLIDES. This will put every slide, as a JPEG, into a folder for you.

Once you’ve done that, open a new blank Powerpoint document. Change your slide settings under Design to match what you just created (mine was standard, portrait) then click Format Background (also under Design). Under “FILL” you’ll want to click the button next to Picture or Texture Fill, then choose File to insert your pictures from the files you just made by saving your powerpoint as a JPEG.

Select the first page (probably called Slide 1) and press open. It will insert the picture as your background- it will fill the page. Nothing can be edited on the page you created because it’s a JPEG, and your user won’t accidentally click on it and move it because it is now set as the background. Repeat this until all of your pictures have been added into the backgrounds of new slides.

To make it editable, you will want to add text boxes.

I typed into the text box what I thought they should do there, as well as set the size of the font to match the rest of the document.

I also needed to add tables to some of the pages, which are editable as well with text.

Once you have added text boxes, tables, etc to all the pages, you will want to SAVE AS Powerpoint- NOT PDF! This keeps it editable!

Then, because some people might want the PDF file to hand-write on instead of the PPT to type into, delete all the prompt-text you typed (keep your tables though!!) and nooooooow you can SAVE AS PDF.

I hope you found this helpful! I promise it’s not as daunting as it seems… it just takes a bit of time. 🙂 This would also be a great option for people who want to share or sell their Powerpoint Slide Shows they have created, but don’t want people taking “certain liberties” and changing things… 😉

Make sure to go link up what you’ve tried with Holly, and see what everyone else is up to, too!

Also, reminder, Workshop Wednesday this week is *GASP* cancelled (Shhhh, it’s ok. Keep reading!) because of a surprise… stay tuned! Make sure to come back tomorrow and see! :o) Of course, you can always link up to any week’s post from this month if you’d like to share some Pinterest finds!