Thursday Throwdown: ABC Books {Freebie!}

Thursday already! Oh my! Usually the week before Spring Break drags on, but here I sit with just one more day to make it through before I have nine days of chill time! Not going anywhere, just going to enjoy sleep and being with my puppies! :o)

Now, what you came for! Thursday Throwdown, thanks to my girl, Erin!

I LOVE using ABC books to give students the opportunity to be creative, but also show me what they know about a topic. There are so many options with an ABC Book, honestly! I like to have them write one or two sentences and give a good illustration- I think if students can draw something for a word, it plants it in their brain.

Sunday, I told you about the Westward Expansion ABC Books we were making and promised you I’d be back to show you what they did… so here ya go! These are some of my favorites, although it was very hard to choose because they really all did an awesome job!

If you would like to use the book just the way we did in your class, you can download it for free here! Enjoy! :o)