Southeastern Bloggers! Let’s Meet Up!! AND Winners!! AAAAAND Currently!

The Collaboration Cuties and I were getting a little jealous at all the cool meet-ups happening. I know Atlanta is no Vegas, but what do you say we have a little meet-up here? 🙂

We like any reason to put on a cute dress and eat some delicious food, so we have reserved some room at the Swan Coach House on July 20 at 11 AM to do just that!
Will you join us? Please RSVP by clicking on the button. 
If you aren’t sure right this minute and want to RSVP later, there is a direct link at the top of my sidebar. 
Whether you live in Georgia or in one of the nearby states, we hope to see you there! Summer is the perfect time for a road trip right?? 🙂

Thanks so much to all of you that pinned my new font set! Here are the winners! 🙂

And now for EARLY July Currently!!
I absolutely love doing NOTHING on a Saturday morning! (Except blogging, obviously. Ha!!) The puppies are usually pretty happy about it, too! But I am going to get moving and head to Hobby Lobby. Who knows what I might get there?? 
I can’t BELIEVE it’s almost July. We go back (before the kids) on July 31, and I am not at ALL counting down to THAT. I love my job, but I love my summer.
I also want to work on NEW TPT products, but I look at some of my old ones, and they don’t live up to my current cuteness standard. I will be revamping. Don’t forget to check your purchases for that notification!! I wish they notified us via email or TPT inbox!! 
Speaking of email, please make sure you have followed the steps under my techy tips to remove your no-reply blogger. I love talking to you when you leave me a comment, and it always makes me sad when I can’t!!
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