Solar System and Halloween Five For Friday… and Mentor Sentence Freebie!

Happy Friday! I’m linking up today to share some random things from my week! 🙂

We have started our solar system unit and, to make it even more fun, we have some songs that we listen to and sing along! My kids love the songs by Mr. Parr! Here is the Solar System Song. And here are my kiddos singing along with it! :o)

Of course, you know me. I have to tie in my science to all of my content areas! We are learning about non-fiction text features so, as a way to get them to tell me what they already knew before I really “taught” the features, I made this poster, and they came up with all the features they knew about and their purpose. They did a great job actually! I won’t have much work in that arena, thank goodness.

Sooooo of course, we have to write about the solar system too! I’m using Joanne’s (from Head Over Heels for Teaching) Important Book Template and this will become their introduction paragraph of a bigger piece later, as well as a class book!

Students used their Science textbooks to find details about a planet of their choice. Come back next week to see their final published pieces! :o)

It took me a while this year for some reason, but I’m finally all decorated for Halloween! Here are some of my favorite decorative pieces:

And since I’m finally in the Halloween spirit, I’m planning some fun activities for next week in the classroom- all PC of course. 😉 One of the books we’ll read next week is The Widow’s Broom by Chris Van Allsburg.

It is a suspenseful story that’ll have the kids on the edge of their seats! Here is a lesson guide I found online with some ideas if you’re interested, as well as a great summary of the book.

And HERE is a mentor sentence FREEBIE to go along with the book, too! I’ll be using this next week with my kiddos. :o)

This freebie is offered as part of the Friday Fall Freebie Blog Hop!

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