Solar System Unit


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Solar System

This unit is perfect for a review of the solar system, or used during your unit when you are teaching about the solar system! It includes a passage about the solar system with comprehension questions, planet fact cards with questions, Venn Diagrams, math integration with your weight on other objects in space (with decimals to the tenths), and writing integration- students create a travel brochure to visit a planet.

Check out the preview to see what is included. (Answer keys are included in the unit but not pictured in the preview.)

The solar system passage could be used for close reading or interactive note-taking. I use the comprehension questions for a grade once the passage has been read and discussed thoroughly (allowing them to use the passage to help them find evidence).

The fact cards can be printed for all students, or you could print them and laminate them so students can share them. Students could complete the Venn Diagrams independently or with a partner. Planetary Problems could be done independently or in a group as a contest- whoever gets all the answers first, wins a small prize.

If students have a hard time ordering numbers, you may want to have them create index cards with the planets and the amount you’d weigh- then they can move the cards around to order them before writing the order.

Students should be creative when brainstorming what planet someone should visit in order to later create a travel brochure. Before beginning the brochure creation, you may want to share examples of actual travel brochures. Students should illustrate what to bring and entertainment.

Another idea for use of this pack is to make stations- the comprehension questions could be a station, the Venn Diagrams with a set of fact cards could be a station, the Planetary Problems with a set of fact cards could be a station, the weight activity could be a station, and the brainstorm for the brochure could be a station.

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