Maximize Your Time With Mentor Texts {FREE} Email Course


Time is precious. There is NEVER enough of it!!

But, what if there was a way you could take back some of that time? Would you take it?

Download this document to sign up for a FREE 7-day course from Ideas by Jivey and get all you’ll need to integrate reading, writing, and grammar!

In this FREE week-long course, you’ll receive a week of activities to download; emails each day with lessons for reading, grammar, and writing; and encouragement, suggestions, tips, and reminders. I want to help you take back your time! You will get an email right away with the outline for the week and the activities. Then, over the course of the next week, you will get an email each day with explicit lessons, explanations, reminders, and suggestions for the next day’s ELA activities. If you’d like to complete the activities over the course of that week, you can! Or, you can “save” all of the emails and implement them another week if it doesn’t work right away for your schedule.

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