Grammar / Language Spiral Homework Weeks 1-9 (4th Grade)


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Grammar Homework

If you are like me, you like to give your students a few minutes of homework in each subject every night rather than load them up in one subject.

This pack is designed so that students are working for just a few minutes on one of four areas of language each night: parts of speech, conventions, spelling, and vocabulary/word relationships.

You will find the common core standards that are addressed for each day in the chart included on page 1 of the product. (Keep in mind that 3.1.A is a standard that covers all parts of speech, which is a continuing skill in the upper grades. 3.1.I covers simple, compound, and complex sentences. You will see this standard throughout the year!)

ALSO INCLUDED: Digital format in Google Slides!

The skills covered in this pack are:
identifying pronouns, adjectives
proper nouns
prepositions/prepositional phrases
comparative/superlative adjectives
classifying adverbs, adjectives
simple subjects
add commas
quotation marks
past tense verbs
progressive verb tense (helping verbs)
adding suffixes to words: spelling rules, changing meaning
using dictionary entries
spelling: rules, identifying correct
choose correct homophone
strong verbs
synonyms and antonyms

Make sure to get the second setthe third set, and the fourth set to continue the year!

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