Explorers Reading and Writing Integration Unit


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**Updated to include Hernando de Soto in October 2017!**

This reading and writing integration unit includes summary passages on each of the following:
The Northwest Passage
Christopher Columbus
John Cabot
Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Juan Ponce de León
Hernando de Soto
Jacques Cartier
Henry Hudson

There are map activities that can be done with the maps provided- choosing your own route to Asia, making a key and mapping all explorers’ routes, and shading/labeling the areas the explorers discovered in the western hemisphere.

With all eight summaries, there are graphic organizers to help pull out the key information (ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED). The summaries are also short enough that they are perfect for interactive notetaking or close reading annotations. *extra blank organizer provided that you can use with any explorer!*

There are compare and contrast activities – four already have the paired explorers and there is also one blank so that you or the students can choose two to compare.

Lastly, there is an opinion writing prompt page. Students can use the evidence provided in the summaries to tell if they believe the explorers were really heroes.

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