Mentor Sentences and Mentor Text Curriculum Flow Chart

The areas of style and conventions in writing are two areas teachers agree usually suffer the most in student writing.

It has been proven by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) that teaching grammar in isolation does not carry over into writing.

That’s why teachers should combine grammar and writing instruction for students to see the connection and apply those skills.

With the mentor sentence routine implemented correctly, students don’t just memorize grammar rules, but instead, practice grammar components within writing.

Thousands of teachers are already redefining their grammar teaching and seeing amazing results from their students, and you can, too!

The mentor sentences lessons written by Ideas by Jivey teach students:

  • how to talk deeply about grammar and writing
  • the importance of using concrete words/phrases and sensory details
  • to write a variety of types of sentences
  • to demonstrate a command of conventions
  • to learn the way a sentence “should” look
  • and to apply style, conventions, and mechanics skills to their own writing.

Use the clickable flow chart to get exactly what you need for your classroom!

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