Math Mentor Text: Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland

Happy Sunday! Did you miss that hour of sleep this morning? I didn’t, because I overslept anyway! 😛

I want to share a fun math book with you that we used this week: Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland! The author, Cindy Neuschwander, has a bunch of these math adventure books. This one is perfect for geometry! Amanda actually shared about it in August- you can read her post here… and Bethany shared about it in this post!

In this book, Radius is on a quest to become a knight. He has had training from Sir D’Grees where he learned to make a “knightly right angle,” and doubled it to make a straight angle. He has a circular medallion (protractor) that he uses on his quest to rescue the missing King of Lell (and his two twin dragons: the Pair of Lells- get it??) …his quest involves following the directions of acute, right, and obtuse angles.
I had already taught my students how to identify angles using the activity from my geometry pack.
As I read, we practiced making the angles on geoboards and measuring them with our own protractors! Anytime you pull out a fun manipulative like this one, you have to let them “play” for a few minutes and get it out of their system. ;o) 

But then we got right to work! They made different angles with the rubberbands…

…and practiced using our protractors to measure the angles!
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