Let It Snow and Crossing the Delaware!

Happy Monday! It is a happy one indeed for me because today was a workday- the first day back from break- so I got a lot of work done in my room… plans made for the week… and then, the best news of all came! We have tomorrow off! It will be a snow day, minus the snow! We are having record low temps, and even colder wind chills- it feels like the negatives… in Georgia! That’s just crazy!

In celebration of my snow day, I have put my “Let It Snow Math Activities for Upper Elementary Kids” at 50% off- they will be only $2 today and tomorrow! They’d be a great addition to your winter math centers!

Now to share one of the lessons I’ll be doing this week when we do go back! In 4th grade, the reading standards require our students to look more at “drama” so, to tie in with our Social Studies (American Revolution), I found a Scholastic reader’s theater of Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware. It was a copy of a copy that someone passed along to me, so when I tried to find it for you online, I couldn’t… but I did find this awesome Scholastic site: Revolutionary War Read-Aloud Plays. It has plays for several of the events we study, so I think I’m going to use a few in our study of drama!

Aaaaaaanyway, back to the lesson I’m doing- we’ll read the drama, noting what makes it a play… then we’ll read the book of the same event:

We’ll compare the play to the book- how the accounts of the event were the same and different. We are also going to start reading George Washington’s Socks, so this will be a great way to give them some background before we start. The book, if you aren’t familiar, is a historical fiction chapter book about some kids that go back in time and end up in Washington’s army as they cross the Delaware. I have a TPT unit I created for the book that I used last year and will use again this year:

American Revolution Linky

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