I Need My Monster: Mentor Text for Halloween

I’m linking up with Collaboration Cuties this morning to share an adorable book with you! 🙂

One of my favorite books to read at Halloween time that’s still “PC” for kiddos that can’t celebrate Halloween is I Need My Monster by Amanda Knoll.

It’s an adorable book about a boy’s monster that goes on vacation, and each replacement monster just isn’t good enough. It’s a great story to look at awesome adjectives and vivid verbs in writing- each monster is described thoroughly! 🙂 Here is a freebie you can use with it if you want to grab it up!

This freebie came from my language arts unit for the book, which you can get in my store here if you’re interested! (And remember, my store is on sale 20% off through the end of today!)

The unit includes the freebie above to practice with amazing adjectives and vivacious verbs from the book that describe the monsters and their “scary” traits, as well as pages for text-to-self connections; practicing describing, following directions, and listening through drawing and describing a monster to someone else; quotations practice; distinguishing between adjectives and adverbs; and a writing prompt taken from the point of view of a monster in the story. It’s definitely at least a week’s worth of activities you can do with your kiddos! 🙂

I am so sad to leave my BBB Joanne today! 🙁 But we had a blast together, and definitely will be getting together again! And check out my adorable new minions shirt I got yesterday. 😛