Five For Friday: Weather Edition!

This week, my teaching life revolved around weather! Here are some of the super-fun awesome things we did this week!
I used Can It Rain Cats and Dogs? this week for my nonfiction mentor text. My kids were obsessed with it! They wanted me to read the whole thing, but we only read about what we have covered so far in my weather unit. I will read more next week when we get into fronts and weather maps.
Can It Rain Cats and Dogs and non fiction mentor sentences with Ideas by Jivey.

You can read more about how I used this book, as well as Come On, Rain! in reading this week in my Workshop Wednesday post!

My mentor sentence this week was from the book, Come On, Rain!

(Need more info on mentor sentences? Check out this post!)
Come On, Rain and mentor sentences with Ideas by Jivey

My kids have gotten really good at imitating the week’s mentor sentence! It’s getting hard for me to pick only four for the wall. They are also loving our interactive notebook activities for language arts– this week’s was all about vivid verbs.

We also did interactive notebook activities for our weather skills!

Weather interactive notebook activities with Ideas by Jivey.

And we did interactive notetaking with a passage from the website, This is my go-to site for leveled articles on all kinds of topics!

Interactive notetaking with Ideas by Jivey.

We also made cloud models!!

Cloud models with Ideas by Jivey

And last, but not least, we made our own weather instruments!

Weather Instruments with Ideas by Jivey
Weather Instruments with Ideas by Jivey
Weather Instruments with Ideas by Jivey

Want the directions to make these in your classroom, too?

Freebie Make your own weather instruments with Ideas by Jivey

Get them for free here! :o)

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! :o)