Five For Friday: Thanksgiving Week Style with a PIN IT TO WIN IT!

I have soooooo enjoyed having the week off this week! My Five For Friday is going to show off this fact!

I’m pretty proud of my productivity this week! (How’s that for some fun alliteration??) I got my Third Mentor Sentence Interactive Language Arts Notebook completed, and so now all THREE Mentor Sentence Units and Interactive Notebooks are offered in the Biggest and BEST Mentor Sentence Bundle! :o)

I also got a new math unit created!

This Let It Snow Math Unit is for the BIG KIDS!! Poor 4th and 5th graders… they always get left out of the fun! But with this unit, they’ll get the CCSS standards they need and have fun! :o)

Want to WIN this new unit??
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Winners will be announced on Sunday!

P.S. Are you a Facebook Fan of Ideas By Jivey? If not, you should be! There is an exclusive fans-only freebie from this math unit that you can grab if you head over!

So, believe it or not, in between all the creating, I’ve been doing a lot of lazy-hanging-around, watching TV, napping… and so have my dogs:

Hee hee! It’s cold ya know… they need their sweaters on!!

I also had my family over to my house for Thanksgiving, which meant I cooked the turkey!

Unfortunately, the turkey took an extra hour and a half to cook than anticipated… waiting for that pop-up timer to pop was torture! But other than that, it was great! The food was delicious, the company was excellent, and I didn’t have to clean afterwards!!

I don’t do Black Friday… but I LOVE shopping online for all the pre-Black Friday Deals, and of course Cyber Monday in a few days! I got an AWESOME deal on a Dyson on Amazon thanks to my Prime Membership, and it was delivered today!! (You know you’re a grown-up when you get excited about a vacuum…)

Zoey was excited about it, too!!
And of course, I had to stop everything, put it together, and vacuum right then and there. 😛 And it was AAAAAWESOOOOOME!!! :o)

Cyber Monday and Tuesday are COMING!!

Don’t forget to leave feedback on your previous purchases so you can get credits toward your Cyber Monday and Tuesday purchases!!! And don’t forget to use the code CYBER to get your extra 10% off! Now don’t just sit there… go fill your wishlist!! :o)