Busy Bee Five For Friday!

Good morning!! Can’t sleep… So I’m blogging. Totally normal right??

Oh no!!! Another Friday?? I’m running out of Summer Fridays!! 🙁

Well anyway, I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to tell you about my week! I’ve been a busy little bee!

I started re-reading Notebook Know-How by Aimee Buckner this week.

I’ve read it before, but I really want to focus on writing this year more, and I thought that would be a good place to start “preparing” my brain. It’s totally working too. I love the ideas she offers right out of the gate to prepare students to write in Writer’s Workshop. She gives examples of mini-lessons and mentor texts she uses to start the year. Later this week, I’m going to do a quick run-down of the ideas I’m loving from her that I will be implementing. Maybe it will help you, too! What books are you reading this summer to prepare for next school year?

Have you checked out what is, I’m pretty sure, THE biggest organized giveaway ever?!?!? Just by following all of us on Bloglovin, you have the opportunity to enter (and win!) 150+ blogs’ giveaways!! Believe me, I’ve entered (fingers crossed!), and I’ve found some new blogs to follow too!! (As though I don’t have enough. LOL!)

 I made my Third Mentor Sentence Unit this week!

I’ve posted a bit this week about it (sorry- just soooo excited!), so I won’t go on about it, but I WILL remind you that all my Mentor Sentences Units are on sale in my TPT store, but today is the last day of the sale!! Also, I’ve had a couple people ask so I thought I’d say it here, too – once you get started with the first unit and get the routine down, you do not have to do all the sentences in order. 🙂

I got my planner!!!! Nooo… it’s not an Erin Condren. But I’m still SUPER happy with it!! I bought it from A Modern Teacher back during the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale because I LOVED the chevron!! I took it to Office Max so I could get it bound and have a clear plastic protective cover put on it.

I also loved that I could personalize it. I added each week’s dates to it before I printed it. I also moved the pages around to fit what I wanted- like I wanted the calendars mixed in with my planning pages, not in their own separate spot.

Look how cute the calendar and at-a-glance pages are!!! (sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures)

Something else I worked on this week was creating some more fonts! I’ve been making them in *ALL* my free time over the last few months (because we have so much!), and I’ve finally packaged them up so that you can buy them to use personally or commercially! I will add fonts to the set when I create new ones, so if you buy the set, you will always get the new ones (as long as you remember to go check in your purchases for the revised download)!

But, you know me!! I have to give them away to some of my awesome followers!!

Pin it to Win it!! 

Please visit the product at my TPT store, and press “Pin It” on the product page.

Once you’ve pinned Jivey Fonts Set (from TPT, not from this post), copy the link to your pin and paste it in a comment below. Don’t forget to leave your email address if you are a no-reply blogger!! (And if you are a no-reply blogger, and you want to fix that problem, visit my Techy Tips at the top of my blog!) I will choose winners this weekend! 🙂
You can get two of the fonts that are in the set for free! Just click on either (or both) of the font posters below and it will take you to the download! I appreciate feedback if you download, please! 🙂

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! 🙂