A Peek at My Week!

I’m linking up with my sweet bloggy friend, Jennifer at Mrs. Laffin’s Laughings to share what we are up to this week! This is our last week before Spring Break, so I am trying to wrap some things up before the kids are gone for a week. Many of the things I am sharing today are a part of the Spring Cleaning Sale, so grab them up while they are marked down if you are interested! :o)

In reading and writing this week, we are are researching Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. These three women are actually a part of our Social Studies Standards, but with all that we teach, it’s not possible to get everything covered if we don’t integrate.

One way we’ll do our research is with PebbleGo. It’s an AWESOME resource that our county pays for, and it has all three women!

We will also read Henry’s Freedom Box in reading for some vocabulary activities, using text evidence, and of course, to learn more about the Underground Railroad for Harriet Tubman.

We’ll use Joanne’s (Head Over Heels for Teaching) unit:

This will also be the book our mentor sentence for the week comes from, and that will be included in the NEW Mentor Sentence Unit coming out NEXT WEEK!!! :o) Wahoo! I can’t wait to reveal it!

During Social Studies time, we will continue moving west! Last week, we learned about Lewis and Clark:

…and we started learning about the Oregon Trail. This week, we will finish up the Oregon Trail and also learn about the Gold Rush. We have also been working on our Westward Expansion ABC Books, so we’ll try to get those finished up! You can grab the ABC list I use for free here:

My kids have really enjoyed working on their ABC Books. I will share some pictures this week to show you their hard work, along with some of our other Westward Expansion activities!

During math, we will be working on fractions on line plots. This is a great way to review operations with fractions, and it’s also one of the standards for 4th grade. We will use Holly’s (Fourth Grade Flipper) fabulous unit:

We have been reading The One and Only Ivan for our read-aloud at the end of the day.

Since we are not doing a true study of the book, we are just using the character pieces of Nick’s (Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason) amazing unit:

I will use the whole unit next year with my kids when I can plan to do a novel study… that is, if I can read it again next year. I got to a very emotional part this week that made me cry so hard I couldn’t read for a minute and one of my kids had to do it! I did the same thing with Wonder last year though, and I managed to read it again this year, so I’m sure I will want to read Ivan again. It really is SUCH a good book, but boy- if you get attached to animals………….

Go link up with Mrs. Laffin’s Laughings and tell about your week!

I’ll be here counting down my five days left of work before nine days of rest and relaxation!